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Our Services

We provide numerous drilling solutions for farm, industry and home and the list continues to expand. Our services includes – but are by no means limited to – cleaning suck wells, water wells, drilling foundations, excavating building footings for columns and new road development. We own 4 of the 5 rigs on the island and can drill vertical or raked piles up to 45 degrees.

Some of Our Clients

Drilling with Technology for Performance

In keeping abreast with technology and the increasing demands for production. We introduced the first hydraulic rotary drill rig to Barbados, a Soilmec R-518, back in 1999. Since then, we have continued to expand the company with the introduction of additional rigs throughout the years; in order to meet and address varying demands and site conditions. These rigs are totally “dry dig” operation, and unlike the other small rigs presently in use on the island it does not require the use of water or compressed air in the excavation process. Additionally, our rigs are capable of drilling holes from 0.45m to 2.20m in diameter, to depths of up to 60.0 meters, and has continued to exceed all expectations in terms of hole quality and production times.

Giving Back

We take our responsibility to the communities in which we do business seriously. There is always room for giving back to the community in some form or another. When the opportunity arises we support those we can where ever possible giving of our resources to churches, schools and community groups.

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